The Gospel is provided for free. I have been given it freely by Jesus. Therefore, I freely give to you.

The store for the music is which can be entered by clicking on the link below.

You can download quality MP3's for free. You can click on STORE, and the music selections will appear. You can listen to the music directly and read the lyrics, but you can also download the MP3's for free. It is not necessary to download each song individually. You can click on theMP3 Album button and it will quickly download each full album. All 3 albums are downloadable for free!!!

There is no obligation, financial or otherwise. There is no catch. There is a donation field that you can ignore unless the Lord is leading you to donate. If you do not want to leave an email, just put in a fake one. I am not going to share your email with anyone else. If you want to leave your email, it will allow me to inform you of any venues that I will be ministering in music.

Please feel free to share this music with your friends and family. There is an option of downloading high definition .wav files if you want better than CD quality recordings directly from the master files. There is a charge for these.