Professional Multi-Track Audio Recording on location....

We are a state of the art studio that can record up to 16 audio tracks simultaneously and with special arrangements, up to 24 tracks at once.  We have the expertise to know how to produce the high quality recording you deserve. 

Like many of you, I have a day job that does not involve music, so that I may pursue my musical passions and help you pursue yours without breaking the bank!  I’m a doctor during the day, and I like to think of my mobile recording services as “musical house calls.”  By coming to you, you can record where you are most comfortable.  I can record you playing your own piano, or in your own church sanctuary.  Familiarity with your environment takes away a source of stress and often results in a better performance and a better recording. 

Our standard rate is $50/hour.  However, please note that special rates can be arranged for churches.   Please contact me to learn how I might be able to help you achieve your musical goals at a price you can afford. 

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                 Kenny Begun with world famous recording engineer, 

                 Al Schmidt at the NARAS booth (the Grammys) at 

                 the Audio Engineering Society Meeting NYC 2011 

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My goal and my passion has been to work hard to make a professional recording for my clients and just plain have fun.  I can also link you with a reputable CD replication source.   

 Jacksonville, NC | 910-320-4993